Friday, July 13, 2012

101 in 1001: Watch 100 Movies

popcorn and drinks for a movie

One of the posts I created recently was called 101 in 1001 and it basically was 101 things I want to accomplish in 1001 days. The 101 in 1001 idea was found on Pinterest and I decided I wanted to try it for myself. One of the items on the list was to watch 100 movies either in theaters or on DVD.
I've started watching my 100 movies and here's the list of watched movies as of 7/31/12 (I would like to point out that no where in my list of 101 in 1001 rules did I say I couldn't watch a movie I've already seen.):

1. Rock of Ages
2. Magic Mike (watched twice- but it only counts as one LOL)
3. Men in Black 3
4. Prometheus
8. The Secret ....Yes, this movie is pretty bad as a movie, but hey- watching it gets me in a Law of Attraction mindset. :)
9. The Stepford Wives
10. The Dark Knight
11. Savages
12. The Amazing Spiderman
13. Ted

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