Friday, June 1, 2012

Why No Web Series Yet?

procrastinate this

Well, last month I reported I had a web series in development...why has nothing been posted yet? First, I was all caught up in thinking I should do it a certain way with lights and a backdrop and all that crap and then after driving myself crazy attempting to create the perfect set I realized it's just a vlog for now and doing a video with my webcam is just fine until I see if I even like the series didn't I film something right away after coming to this conclusion???

If you must's this frikkin zit that I've named Bob that will not get off my nose!!! Bob needs to go! I've tried everything I can think of short of putting Windex on it as was recommended in the flick My Big Fat Greek Wedding and Bob just won't leave my face!!! What's worse is that Bob makes my nose itch so I keep scratching and of course that makes him mad so he gets even by sticking around! Darn you Bob! GET OFF MY FACE!!! Once Bob leaves, I'll film something and put it up for your enjoyment or for you to just make fun of...but hey- page views are page views and those make me HAPPY! Have a happy Friday!

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