Friday, June 15, 2012

My New Favorite Snack: Balance Bar

Dear Cookie Dough Balance Bar,

Just wanted to write a public letter to tell you how much I love you. Not only are you delicious, you are nurtritious! When I am hungry you satisfy; when I need something sweet and salty you are there! I keep you in my purse to devour when I need you and cry big crocodile tears when the box of you is empty.

Oh Cookie Dough Balance Bar, I hope you will be in production always because I just can't imagine life without you now that we have met. To discontinue you would be to crush my world.

Come to think of it, my world is in need of a snack right now. I shall reach into my purse and grab one of you now to eat and enjoy.

If you ever want to replenish my stock feel free to hop in my mailbox @ PO Box 340237, Tampa, FL, 33694 cough cough, wink wink, hint hint Cookie Dough Balance Bar manufacturers ;)

Love always,
The Famous Ashley Grant

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