Friday, June 15, 2012

Pinspired! 101 in 1001 (aaaaannd GO!)

 The Famous Ashley Grant and Evan Longoria

I've become quite obsessed with Pinterest and have found lots of blogs that I'm really enjoying thanks to the site. One such blog is called Love From Home. Run by a gal with my name (Ashley- pay attention!), Love From Home is basically about her journey with her fiance's first deployment. One post she had that I fell hard for is entitled "35 in 365" and it's a list of 35 things Ashley wants to do in the roughly 365 of her fiance's deployment to keep herself busy. Her inspiration for this was by "whoever created 101 in 1001."

Because I am not dealing with a deployment but do have a crap ton of goals, I decided to revert back to the original numbers of 101 in 1001. So, below is a list of 101 things I want to accomplish in the next 1001 days. As of today I have 1001 days to make the 101 items in this list a reality. My deadline is March 12, 2015 and as I mark things off this list I'll update it. Maybe I'll even pin some of the stuff as I accomplish it ;)

My rules for accomplishing these goals are simple- they don't have to be done in order and they can be done on behalf of work or just for fun. The #1 rule? To get it all done by March 12, 2015...This gives me almost 3 years...and off we go!

Here is my list in alphabetical order (don't judge me LOL):
1    Apply for graduate school and begin
2    Attend a Bucs Game
3    Be IN a Fashion Show
4    Begin contributing to a 401k/ira/retirement account again and commit to it this time!
5    Buy coffee or something of similar cost for a stranger
6    Catalog every article I've written into a spreadsheet
7    Catalog every article I've written onto my website
8    Complete a FULL round of P90X- 90 days of P90X…and for every time I don't make it through the 90 days I have to start OVER
9    Cook an entire week's worth of food with Pinterest recipes
10    Cook something for dinner for a friend to give them the night off
11    Create 50 videos of how to make different crafts
12    Create a stockpile of food that would last me and my husband an entire month by using coupons to fill our pantry and freezer
13    Do 150 Craft Projects - Pinspired or otherwise…
14    Do a 30 day photo challenge
15    Do the Bank of America Stair Climb/ or at least be able to go up 42 flights of stairs at one time
16    Eat at Armani's
17    Eat at Cassis
18    Eat at Maestro's and then catch a Broadway show at the Straz Center in the same night
19    Eat at Malio's
20    Eat at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse for steak! (ate in the bar with a girlfriend- had tuna tar tar so that doesn't count!!!)
21    Eat at Shula's Steakhouse
22    Eat at the Columbia
23    Eat at the Lobster Pot Bistro
24    Eat at The Wine Exchange
25    Enter a writing contest for short stories
26    Find a scavenger hunt online and do it for fun with friends
27    Get a million page views on my Page
28    Get a million page views on my website We Are Full of Bull
29    Get a million page views on Tampa Bay Freebies
30    Get a million page views on The Famous Ashley Grant
31    Get a second car
32    Get an article in a national "glossy" publication
33    Get and train a dog
34    Get some kind of spa treatment at Safety Harbor Spa
35    Get to my goal weight!
36    Go an entire month without eating out
37    Go an entire month without watching television (I know this one will be rough!)
38    Go on an impromptu weekend getaway without any plans, plotted course or luggage
39    Go to a live taping of a popular show on TV
40    Hand make everything for Christmas one year. Cards, gifts, everything-even the wrapping paper. I have three Christmases to do this!
41    Have a picnic at a park I've never been to
42    Learn EVERY setting on my camera- yes, I've been a photographer for 5 years and there are still some things that trip me up!
43    Make Jell-O Shots
44    Make vodka gummy bears
45    Meet and have my picture taken with 10 celebrities I've not yet met ;) The one in the top of this post does not count! Everything must be done after this list has gone live!
46    Meet Tim Ferriss - long shot, but hey it's my list and I'll add to it what I want!
47    Move to a different apartment, house or condo
48    Organize my Bathroom
49    Organize my Bedroom
50    Organize my Closet
51    Organize my Kitchen
52    Organize my Living Room
53    Pay my parent's back the money they've loaned me
54    Pay off credit cards
55    Pay off student loans
56    Plan a Cross Country Road Trip (plan it to take in the future- perhaps for a second 101 in 1001 list)
57    Read 100 books/ebooks
58    Ride 10 miles on a bicycle
59    Run/jog/walk a 1k
60    Run/jog/walk a 5k
61    Setup an Etsy Account with crafts for sale
62    Shoot 18 weddings or more!
63    Sleep at Shephard's Clearwater Beach
64    Sleep at the Vinoy
65    Snorkle at Ginnie Springs
66    Take 100,000 images
67    Take a Ballroom Dance Class
68    Take a Belly Dance Class
69    Take a Cooking Class
70    Take ebook 1 once it is written and get it onto Amazon for sale!
71    Take ebook 2 once it is written and get it onto Amazon for sale!
72    Take ebook 3 once it is written and get it onto Amazon for sale!
73    Try a week of being a vegetarian
74    Visit Alaska
75    Visit Amsterdam
76    Visit Austria
77    Visit Belgium
78    Visit Canada
79    Visit England
80    Visit France
81    Visit Germany
82    Visit Greece
83    Visit Hawaii
84    Visit Ireland
85    Visit Italy
86    Visit Key West for a weekend trip
87    Visit Lego Land
88    Visit Napa Valley
89    Visit Norway
90    Visit Primetime Outlets Ellenton and buy 3-4 outfits!
91    Visit Scotland
92    Visit Spain
93    Visit Sweden
94    Visit Switzerland
95    Visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter
96    Watch 100 movies in theater or on DVD
97    Write 500 articles
98    Write a book of poems - 50 to 100 of them
99    Write a second ebook
100    Write a third ebook (after all this list is almost 3 years in the making)
101    Write an ebook

Monday, June 4, 2012

I am Ready for My Million Dollar Payday!!

Attn: Bank of the Universe
Re: My Million Dollar Payday

I have mentioned my desire for a million dollars many times in the past. Everyone knows a million dollars is not that much money so producing it for me should be easy. Therefore, I am writing this to the powers that be so that you will know I am ready and willing to accept my million dollar payday right away. Feel free to give it to me now. Thank you.

I am thankful and grateful for my speedy acquisition of one million dollars!!!!!!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Why No Web Series Yet?

procrastinate this

Well, last month I reported I had a web series in development...why has nothing been posted yet? First, I was all caught up in thinking I should do it a certain way with lights and a backdrop and all that crap and then after driving myself crazy attempting to create the perfect set I realized it's just a vlog for now and doing a video with my webcam is just fine until I see if I even like the series didn't I film something right away after coming to this conclusion???

If you must's this frikkin zit that I've named Bob that will not get off my nose!!! Bob needs to go! I've tried everything I can think of short of putting Windex on it as was recommended in the flick My Big Fat Greek Wedding and Bob just won't leave my face!!! What's worse is that Bob makes my nose itch so I keep scratching and of course that makes him mad so he gets even by sticking around! Darn you Bob! GET OFF MY FACE!!! Once Bob leaves, I'll film something and put it up for your enjoyment or for you to just make fun of...but hey- page views are page views and those make me HAPPY! Have a happy Friday!

Just $1 Million

I just want $1 million. That's not much to ask for and I can live off of it the rest of my life so I want the universe to give me one million dollars!

Thankful for Awesome Nights!!!

Tonight I am thankful for amazing nights!! I had a pretty depressing day but was grateful to be hired to shoot an event filled with celebrities in the evening for a decent chunk of change.

The evening got off to a bumpy start but then (thankfully) turned around when I was offered more money to stick around! Then, after work was over I got a chance to mingle at a great restaurant with the folks that hired me for the evening and some pals of theirs.

Needless to say my dull day turned into an amazing night and I am so grateful and thankful to have had as awesome of a time as I did. Thank you for an amazing time :)

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