Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Operation: "Get Famous" Has Commenced!

Vinny Lecavalier with the Famous Ashley Grant
Vinny Lecavalier with the Famous Ashley Grant
Okay, it is officially May 9, 2012 according to my clock/watch/cell phone/whatever/you get the idea...This means I have exactly 90 days to get as famous as possible or I have to go back to work next year doing a job I honestly don't like...substitute teaching. For those of you who don't know, I have been a substitute teacher off and on for the last five years. I've never liked it and never really wanted to do it. I only stuck with it because the job was flexible enough for me to work when I had to and be able to work on my real job of being a writer and photographer the rest of the time.

After five years of doing this thankless and - to put it bluntly - crappy job I am beyond ready to say goodbye to substitute teaching forever, but to do that I need to be making better than the income I have been making as a writer and photographer by August of this year (i.e. when school starts up again). So, operation "Get Famous" has commenced. My mission over the next 90 days is to become as famous as possible and by that I mean get as much work as possible to keep me in the media world and out of the classrooms of public schools!

I have an ebook in the works and once it is completed I'll be promoting the bajesus out of it; I have a full editorial calendar of things I would like to add to this site The Famous Ashley Grant and to my freebie/couponing/eat free/drink free/get free entertainment Tampa Bay Freebies site; I have a long list of youtube videos waiting to be filmed and posted; Lastly, I have some other websites I'm tweaking to see whether or not they will be made public or continue being my personal diary that just so happens to be online.

Where this summer will take me, I'm not 100% sure. I do know, however, that it's going to be fun! For the first time since high school I have energy (thanks to weight loss that has been a crazy ride that I'm still not really supposed to talk about because the article is still in the works) and for the first time I have a clear mission and what I consider decent steps towards achieving said mission. Here's hoping to a successful summer!

p.s. the photo above of me with Vinny Lecavalier is just one of my steps towards becoming FAMOUS! I'm totally okay with being famous by association. Worked for Julia why not me, right?

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