Friday, May 11, 2012

My Comedic Debut- Story and Video

So, it's officially up! My video of my first time attempting to be a stand up comedian. If you would like to read the story click HERE

I attempted to be funny for my column "My First Time" in the tbt*. Every other week I submit a story of me doing something I have never done in the Tampa Bay area for the first time. This was my first attempt at being a stand up comedian at the Tampa Improv in Ybor City.

Please- no mean comments! Thanks to IMPROV for letting us film. Sorry about the shaky video- they let us film but did not allow us to use the Tripod :-( 


  1. You’re brave and have a great presence on the stage. That was rewally your very first time doing live comedy?? Your material was fun, delivered like a pro. Your blog is hilarious and proves your determination and guts! Keep at it. "You can’t drink” is great…and the “I’ll work for food” shtick is funny. Thx for following Tampa Daily Photo.

  2. Frank this really was my first time. LoL! Thanks for the nice comments! Who knows? Maybe I'll be the next chick on Last Comic Standing. hahaha


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