Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My Comedic Debut 4/25/12

Famous Ashley Grant at Improv 
 I, The Famous Ashley Grant, will be making my comedic debut at the Tampa Improv on Wednesday, April, 25, 2012 during the open mic night scheduled to take place there that evening!!!

Here is the facebook event link to add yourself to the list of attendees!

As part of the "My First Time" series I have been writing for the tbt* my editor has challenged me to take the plunge and attempt to make a room full of people laugh at me or with me for the sake of a good story!

I checked out the scene and the crowd I'm facing is usually a tough crowd according to the regulars so I'm asking all my friends, family and even people who just like me enough to come out and support me to join me for a FREE night of what will hopefully be fun.

21 and up only! NO EXCEPTIONS!!! They WILL be checking IDs at the door!!

Just in case...these are what I suspect will be FAQs

1. Is it free to attend? YES
2. Where is the Tampa Improv? In Ybor City. Street address? 1600 E 8th Ave # C112  Tampa, FL 33605
3. Where can I park? There are two parking garages in Ybor as well as parallel street parking. The parking on the street is free for 2 hours on Wednesdays. I would recommend the parking garages though! $1 for the first 3 hours.
4. What time will The Famous Ashley Grant be going on stage? That all depends on who is hosting the open mic night on Wednesday, April, 25, 2012. Some of the emcees call up the comedians on a first come first act basis and others use a lottery system. We will both find out at the same time when I'll be going on. It will definitely be between 10 p.m. and midnight though.
5. How is seating? The room is small and quickly becomes standing room only during open mic night.
6. Will there be drink specials? ALWAYS! during open mic night there are always drink specials.
7. Do I have to drink/order? NOPE! but its encouraged ;)
8. What about food? No food will be provided and the kitchen will be closed. I suggest eating before or hit the 24 hours MacDonald's after the show (or whatever makes your belly smile)
9. What if I don't think The Famous Ashley Grant's jokes are funny? Well, then don't laugh at them. Just don't be too mean...It is my first time after all. haha!
10. When will The Famous Ashley Grant arrive? I plan on being there at 9 p.m. while the paid show is still going on to get my name on the list quickly! If it is first come first act then I want to get it over with and then stick around for some fun!
11. Can I sign up to do an act as well? ABSOLUTELY!! That would be awesome if you sign up! We can both pop our comedic cherries together!!!
12. What is the camera policy? They post signs saying not to film or take pictures. My husband will take a few images of me doing my act though for my article ( I will be clearing this with the Improv)
13. Dress code? Um- I guess just make sure you are wearing clothes and shoes. I've seen everything from club gear to church clothes to jeans and t-shirts with flip flops.

Goodness, I hope I answered everything you were thinking about asking!

Now- you better come out and support me!!! No pressure!! Seriously though you better come!

Thanks to everyone who does come in advance! I heart you all!!! xoxo

Here is the facebook event link to add yourself to the list of attendees!

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