Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Article Spotlight- Getting Hypnotized for the First Time

the Famous Ashley Grant getting hypnotized 

When I've thought of hypnosis, I've always pictured entertainers who would bring 40 people onto a stage and, after a few rounds of figuring out who they could put in a trance, would end up making a half-dozen cluck like chickens, suck their thumbs and cry for their moms.

It was only recently that I started thinking of hypnotism as a type of therapy.

At a Working Women of Tampa Bay event, I met hypnotherapist Debbie Lane and received her Quiet Moment CD, then promptly threw it into my junk drawer when I got home. I just didn't think it was for me. Then one day when I was in a bad mood, I listened to it and liked how calm it made me feel. I wondered if Lane could put me in a trance and help me kick some of my bad feelings and take away my stress. Continue Reading...

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