Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Where did January go?

Wow! I can't believe I haven't posted to this site since January 17, 2012!! It's been kind of a hectic start to the year but I think I'm finally developing a routine I can stick with and I can begin adding blogging back to my schedule which makes me so happy because I love having this as a creative outlet to say what I'm up to, what I've been doing/ will be doing and all that jazz.

Right now I'm sitting in an internet cafe on Dale Mabry and hunting online for old articles I've written as I continue to catalog all of them in a digital portfolio. Most of my January was consumed by editing the Working Women of Tampa Bay 2012 directory while meeting my article quota for my site on, writing for the tbt* and beginning a new project of ghost writing an article/blog post for a business in the area.

I would love to do a lot more ghostwriting for folks in the future! I plan on contacting folks and seeing what their needs would be for one and offering my services because I want to help businesses build credibility, help their clients with educational posts and help them get found online by potential new customers.

I'm looking forward to many more projects and am so grateful for every gig I get! I hope to post more cool stuff here and have every article I've ever written get a spotlight on here somewhere.

P.S. I'm cracking up right now because the first N'Sync single Tearin' Up My Heart just began blasting in this cafe and I still know all the words and have a sudden urge to dance a little. haha!

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