Sunday, January 8, 2012

Project! Putting My Picture Frames on the Wall

organization project for my frames. Uploaded for use on

I've been so inspired lately to do some fun things around my apartment. Seeing all the organization ideas, home decor ideas and crafty solutions on Pinterest have been making me want to take my living space from just an apartment to feeling more like home.

I found these two wood pieces at the recycle center at my apartment complex. A guy had broken his futon because he had to get it out of his apartment but then couldn't put it back together to take to his new residence since he broke it too much to get it out. So, naturally I had an idea and jumped at the chance to take the wooden pieces and my framing project began.

First, I tried gluing ribbon to the back of frames to tie onto the boards and then hang behind my sofa. It was up and I loved it and then slowly but surely the glue failed on every frame.

After many more failed attempts I opted to tie the ribbons to the frames and then tie them to the boards and ultimately hang them behind my sofa. Now, all of my frames are in one spot and have cleared a couple of shelves and become a fun conversation piece for me and my husband to enjoy.

I can't wait to do another project!

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