Thursday, October 7, 2010

Time To Become The Famous Ashley Grant

People calling me The Famous Ashley Grant has become quite a fun joke for me over the past few months and the humor behind it is why I got the domain in the first place. After being "dubbed" this goofy name I started using it as a way to introduce myself since it made me laugh and seemed to make others laugh as well.

It wasn't until I started going to amazing seminars like Recipe for Success and Spice Up Your Brand that I realized being The Famous Ashley Grant is becoming my brand. My goal is to be a famous national writer and photographer and in order to do that I have to become my brand and become The Famous Ashley Grant.

So what does that mean exactly? How do I become The Famous Ashley Grant? I need to put myself out there more. I need to start attending every event I can to get my face in peoples' minds. I need to have better business cards and pass them out as often as possible. I need to host events and contests and things of that nature for people to know who I am. I need to amp up my facebooking and my twittering and really get into the groove of being The Famous Ashley Grant.

I plan on doing a new photo shoot with new headshots, I will be doing Youtube videos, making more appearances at events, I'll write more articles, I'll take more pictures and I will blog a lot more as well. I look forward to bumping into more people than ever before and hopefully helping other people with their careers while I boost and expand mine.

Love always,
The Famous Ashley Grant

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