Thursday, September 30, 2010

Reposted by Popular Demand: Article Spotlight Addicted to Saving

I have talked sooo much about Addicted to Saving because...well to be honest...I've become Addicted to Saving!!!
Click the links below to check out three articles about them:

Article one
Article two
Article three

I know it is hard to believe but for everything you see in this picture I paid less than $30 with help from Addicted to Saving. Since this picture I have gotten even better. My last bill was $0.04 for $65 worth of groceries!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Things

Cupcake Spot...recent winner of the Creative Loafing Loafie award for the best place to eat your feelings. I love the Cupcake Spot!!! I first tried their cupcakes in celebration of my turning a quarter of a century last year 8/14/2009. Then I did a gallery of their cupcakes for Metromix (HERE) and I have been hooked ever since. Check out their website HERE

Witty Wocks...I got introduced to Witty Wocks at the Tammy Levent birthday bash at Saks Fifth Avenue in July. The owner is Adria Bernstein and she is as beautiful as she is Witty. If you ever need a smile check out her awesome rocks that she has built to look like celebrities, animals and people. I liked them so much I did a little slideshow that appeared HERE
Check out her website HERE

Viktoria Richards Chocolates!!!...OMG!!! This chocolate is the best chocolate I have ever had! I have been going on and on and on about it for three years!!! I first heard about it at the Vino Las Vegas wine tasting event held at the Tampa Theatre and I have told so many people about it since then. I haven't found a chocolate that can impress me the way these can...he Blueberry has just a hint of blueberry, the Champagne Heart makes me wish someone would invent a chocolate champagne. We already have chocolate wine...why not have chocolate champagne? The Cappucino tastes like you dipped coffee in chocolate...I could go on and on. Just check them out for yourself HERE

The Full of Bull Shirt...this is by far my favorite bulls shirt I have EVER owned. I designed it myself with the help of Image Depot Tampa and every time I wear it I feel more and more Full of Bull. Check out the details about the shirt HERE

Friday, September 24, 2010

Ashley Grant and Suite Caroline

I got shot with Suite Caroline while photographing the Taste of Clearwater for Metromix on Thursday 9.23.2010.
This adorable 13 year old has accomplished more for her age than I have in 26 years! Unbelievable! She is quite an inspiration and makes me want to work harder at achieving my dreams.
For more information about Suite Caroline click HERE

If I am always behind the camera, who shot me? Fellow photographer, freelancer, Metromixer and friend Jeff O'Kelley!

Monday, September 20, 2010

A Freelance Writer is a One Man Band

You Are on Your Own in More Ways Than One

A common misconception about freelance writing is that it is glamorous and fabulous with work coming in all the time and everything moves swiftly and smoothly. Are you ready for the hard truth? It ain’t all cherries and roses!

As a freelance writer you are a one man band. Below is a list of just a few hats you will wear.

Everyday you will be pimping yourself out to new clients. You have to call, email and practically harass everyone you know to get work. Once you are lucky enough to get work, you have to convince these people they still need you.

Bookkeeper and Accountant
You are now responsible for sending invoices, paying bills, following up on payments. You also get to have the task of making sure supplies are stocked up.

Time Manager
You have to run the whole show and decide what will fill each hour you work. When will you go to lunch? What time can the meeting with a potential client fill? How long can the meeting last?

Radell Hunter said, “Learning to manage our time is an important way to reduce stress in our lives.” View her top ten time management tips HERE

There is no one else to answer the phone, check email, send the faxes, doing research etc… All these tasks that can be delegated to others now fall on you. However, there is the option of getting a virtual assistant. The catch is making sure that they won’t cost you more than you are making.

Ferrero Stella said, “Virtual assistant offer you all the facilities, which you can avail from an office-based personal assistants. Their tasks range from appointment scheduling to internet research to offer you an ease in completion of your numerous tasks.” Read her story on How to Select a Cost Effective Virtual Assistant HERE

In many cases you will end up having to take your own pictures. For some people just the thought of using a camera for professional use is a scary thought. Hiring a photographer can get pricey and depending on your pay for an assignment it might not be practical.

Photo editor
Now that the photos were taken by you, you have to edit them to make sure they are print ready.

Once you finally get an interview or a subject to write about, it’s time to write the article you hope to be paid for.

Copy Editor
Don’t forget once the article is written it has to be checked for spelling and grammatical errors. Make sure the word count requirement is met too.

I’m sure there are a lot more hats I haven’t listed here, but all these hats are what keep freelance writing so interesting. If freelance writing is something you are considering pursuing, it is important to think about all of the factors involved. Sometimes it can make the decision of whether or not to pursue it as a full time job an easy one.
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