Monday, June 7, 2010

I'm So Thankful for Addicted to Saving

I'm what many would refer to as a starving artist. As a freelancer sometimes money is tight. Thanks to websites like Addicted to Saving I'm not only saving money on my groceries, I'm becoming inspired to do more to save money in every aspect of my life. With the help of websites like this I won't be starving anymore =)

In this photo is almost $110 worth of groceries. I actually spent $29.09 on all the food you see here!!! I have become so obsessed with Addicted to Saving that today I saved the most on groceries I have ever saved. Look closely-there is yogurt, egg beaters, peanut butter and more. You don't have to buy junk to use coupons. All the feminine pads you see in the picture I got completely free thanks to the coupons I used.

If you haven't checked out Addicted to Saving then you are probably overpaying for your groceries.

Like I said, the website inspired me so I've started a blog about free stuff in the Tampa Bay area myself. Check out HERE

I also wrote two articles about Addicted to Saving. Check them out HERE and HERE

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