Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Saying no-easier said than done

If you are anything like me, you burn the candle at both ends because you can't stop yourself from saying yes to everyone that asks for a favor.
Well, an article at offers ways to say no with grace.  What do you think?  Will these tips help you get out of things you really didn't want to do in the first place?

The steps to say no:

1. Acknowledge. If someone asks you to do something, it is because they have faith you can do it or they like you enough to want to spend their time with you. If spearheading a new project or attending that party makes your heart sink instead of sing, first acknowledge the person’s thoughtfulness for having considered you.

2. Express gratitude and interest. Thank the person for his or her invitation, then show interest in the project itself. Ask questions pertaining to the person’s request. Most often, people just want to feel important enough for you to listen.

3. Decline. Once you have acknowledged the person’s request and expressed your gratitude for the consideration, politely decline with a few simple words. If "no" itself is too hard, you can say you have an overlapping commitment.

4. Offer alternatives. If someone remains persistent in pursuing his or her request, offer up alternatives. Be careful not to get too involved in brainstorming new ideas or you might find yourself sucked into the project after all.
5. Remember this: If you still struggle with declining people’s requests, stick a note on your mirror that reminds you that saying "no" to someone else is actually saying "yes" to yourself. Repeat it like a mantra until it becomes second nature. And if that doesn’t work, tell yourself that "no" is indeed a complete sentence. It really is.

Good luck with this everyone! I know I'll be doing my best to use these steps from now on!

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